Saturday, 20 April 2013



Not mine guv'nor...............
I did eat one of them...guess which one?

Its BOBS fault, he made me do it

Or these little beauties, gosh I miss my budgies, I even miss my mother in laws budgies, but they have a wonderful new home a fantastic huge cage
Look at this beautiful weather, above the bushes are the  fabulous windmills, because we were at Seasons Garden Centre & cafe at Burton Latimer.  If you have never been, a huge treat awaits you, sunday lunch 12 till 2, yum yum
This trip followed a trip to town & a metre of cream fabric, three tops, three necklaces and a pair of earrings, found their way home with us, oh and a 2 litre bottle of Olive Oil...heehee
I hope wherever you are the sun shines and you have a lovely day.  Hand stitching is on the menu after the re-run of the F1 qualifying.  (feeling a bit sick...I wonder why/) x

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