Friday, 8 March 2013


Today 5 of us braved the envelopping fog and rain and the dull greyness, to indulge in colour, pattern & joyfullness at the Duxford spring quilt fair.  I went to the autumn fair and enjoyed it.  This time they had improved it by moving stalls around.  The venue is excellent, hard standing for the free car park, easy acces, suitably placed toilets, even labelling the gents into ladies to help the queues!

The tea area was the only downside, lots of tables and chairs, but no room for ladies, mostly rotund (me included) with bulging bags, I decided I would make people laugh by telling them it was a post Olympic event called hurdling the tables.  A bit short sighted of the organisers, but I guess they will alter it next time.  The tables were covered with black or very dark blue cloths which were awful making the space look like a wake!
A visit to Sunflower fabrics produced Essex Linen, a bought pattern as a treat, some orders from students and a bundle of bright fabrics were my booty, but the best bargain was a table for my workshop Bernina, the assistant was a bit bemused at my request to buy the table & a deal was done.  We had a good looka t the new Berninas with 9mm feet and selected an excellent 2 grand deal to add to our wish list
A look around the quilts produced many by the brilliant Hilary Beattie
and by Linda Turner, not good quality photos, taken by my phone in quite an odd light
So sorry that it is blurred
I didnt like the way many of the quilts were hung especially the small black and white ones.  We will never be taken seriously within the art world when we cant display the lovely work more effectively like an art exhibition. 
There were many fabrics at realistic prices.  The wonderful Images of Egypt had fabrics priced really well and stands of 5 pounds and 6 pounds a metre abounded.  Although some of the cheaper fabrics did not have the feel of good quality, there were many that did.  It was good to see that the prices had not risen since the autumn as 14 pounds a metre is astronomical
It is on for another two days.  Worth the admission price to see the planes in the hanger x

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