Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Strange day

  • Terrible crash of helicopter and crane in London, such a miracle that more have not been lost or injured
  • Freezing fog
  • Ive had skin biopsy today, sitting here with a huge pad over half my face, how very dramatic & daft, frightened the life out of my husband.  My hair needs dyeing, grey roots, bright red coat, ear muffs and a white eye patch - not a good look whilst driving up a misty road, I didn't know if to hysterically laugh or cry at the look on his face, he said he thought I had had my head shaved on one side, hahahaha
  • Excuse any typos, its hard to see.  Met a fellow sufferer had a good chops with him, kindred spirits, onwards to next appointment.  Ive gory details but will spare you that
  • When I can see properly Ill post another freebie


  1. Oh heavens Shelagh, so sorry.......what biopsy? what for?

  2. This does not sound like one of your better days. Husbands get fluffed easily when the other one is ill. Hope things tur out well.
    The Leaf has sparked an idea using the technique. Will let you know if it flames or flops.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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