Monday, 21 January 2013


A hermit, thats what Ive become since
This was two days ago, its much worse now.  Yipee my husband qualified for the winter fuel payment and I guess we have spent it over the last 4 days.  A re-arrange of the sitting room gives me a lovely seat right next to the radiator.  Two pairs of slippers and toasty feet oh and a plaster where a pin went right in, yep right in (gross) whilst tidying up the STASH.  Oh goodness the Stash is overwhelming, its become like that monster that sticks to that man on the advert on TV for catarrh.  Twenty boxes of cotton fabric, then 4 boxes of hand dyed and goodness knows how many of embroidery fabric, soft furnishings, ahhhhhhhhhhh its out of control, I need the life laundry.  Its all sorted now, I needed something that I could do whilst not seeing properly following the biopsy, took a few days to realise that I was putting it in the wrong eye.  Uh its my right eye, then why put it in the left eye??  Then I noticed that it said one centimetre not 10 centimetres, no wonder I have not been able to see for most of the day, duh, memo to me, read and read and read instructions.  So alot of blurry TV has been watched.  The internet is so slow & I cant view any videos, so a Quilt Show fest has been out of the question.  Has any one else had this problem?  Ive installed flash player so many times its driving me bonkers
Cant post any more pictures, it wont let me, ahhhhhhhhhh again.  Rotten weather, rotten face, rotten international news, off to bed, night all thanks for reading x 

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  1. Oh heavens woman your going thru it arent you! Whats the eye biopsy for/about? I must have missed you telling what it was for?
    Im off to the NEC by coach with EYES on sat 23 march, any chance your going that day?
    Hows outdoor cat faring in this cold weather?


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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