Saturday, 26 January 2013


January newsletter is in the ether, it contains a mini technique which you might find interesting.  Its only for the newsletter which is free to sign up for and arrives from time to time and lots of times contains newsletter only mini freebies and sometimes maxi freebies
Image has nothing to do with anything, just a lovely bright flower to warm up the chilly evenings and dream of spring.  I have just watched The Land Girls and the closing shots were of daffoldils, made me long for spring

April 2012 to cheer us all up, it will come again, goodness me how melancoly, maybe something to do with the music program Im watching at the moment about the history of music, fascinating & very good.


  1. Had a newsletter pop into y Dropbox but it is unable to open these types of file. Do you have another version?

  2. the snows melted and there are 3" tall green spears........the snowdrops must be on the way!!!
    Bring em on and Spring there after !


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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