Thursday, 31 January 2013


I set the challenge for my group AFFINITY a few months ago.  We are working on 4 pieces of work to a set size on the same theme but inspired by different eras.
I have 3 pieces created for the first era.  All different sizes (whoops) on the theme of BIRDS.  For many years we have kept Budgies, so I am fond of birds.  Hoho thought I, this will be a good theme. Wrong with a capital W or R.
The first pieces are inspired by Strawberry Thief by the master William Morris.  Great, I am quite happy with doing lots of
Now about the other 3 eras hmmmm Nada...full stop, excuses abound in greateth numbers, but it all boils down to nothing seems to mean anything much, until this morning.  Great news last night re the dreaded, followed by the marvellous Skype episode and a lovely sunny blue morning.
I found this
Yipee a 1950's tin toy of a....Duck...nope its a bird,  nope its a duck, well I dont care its fabulous

A bit more digging found this
Another one, yey
So this is my inspiration.
Now what am I going to do with it??  All will be revealed, but designwork came to a halt with a phone call from Bee Inspired offering me a table for their HAND MADE MARKET this Saturday at Market Street Mews, Kettering from 10am
So I have made a decision to SELL some of my hand made BAGS.  I did have to sit down and drink a coffee (not the usual black tea) to calm down.  Its a bit like parting with a small chunk of me....oh Ive already done that havent I, 10 days ago, oh hahahaha.
So if you would like a ONE OFF unique hand made bag by yours truely, with no postage costs, nip along to the market, have a cuppa and cake in the Mews cafe, saunter into the Dolls House shop & browse around the toy shop, quite a nice few hours out & all your goodies can be stashed in your unique bag.
For those of you who live too far, I will put what does not sell either on here, in my bigcartel or etsy shop.  There decision day.  I have sorted out some quilts as well, goodness what has come over me!

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