Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Life with us never seems to be dull for long.  I am still on Christmas holidays, not a choice but there it is.  So its a lot of TV watching, especially films & last night decided to sit up and watch a program about daft British winter customs.  So got to bed just before 1 am.
OMG whats that, whats going on, my husband shouting about the alarm clock & a really loud bell clanging
UP he jumps semi naked and not the half that should be and starts for the bedroom door, followed by me, not at all awake, he is shouting its 1.30am, fire alarm is going off....so he starts down the stairs, I decide to follow him as back up in my peach nightie and then I pass the ledge outside the bedroom door and spy A WEAPON...oh goodie...a WEAPON... I pick up A FLY SWATTER and a broken one at that.  Seems totally logical after under an hours sleep, with heart racing and following the shocking husband with blue fly swatter in hand we creep down the stairs and turn the alarm off and creep back up the stairs and then we wake up and he pulls on pants and picks up a snooker cue and I realise that I have a FLY SWATTER in my hand and I run and cower in the bed, he returns downstairs..ALONE (what a coward I am) and finds nothing.... (thank God) ... then hears other alarms going off and we realise that we have had a POWER CUT & for some reason its set off the alarm
So we sit in bed and stuff energy sweets and shake and realise just how very stupid we are & how awful it is for anyone who has had a burglar. Our son popped in today & we recalled the story and he gave me one of those oh dear they are going senile looks when I told him about the fly swatter & then burst into laughter.  
I have been thinking of how lucky we are that we are safe and how awful it is for the people in Australia & Tasmania who have and are losing their homes.  Home is so precious isnt it

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  1. Scarey time! Reminds one of how vulnerable you can feel. Like your choice of weapon, a hard enough smack across the face would get someone's attention...Sons' reaction typical. Cheers

  2. LOLOLOLOL I shouldnt laugh but I could almost visualise you both ......and perhaps me, much the same in that same situation!!
    I wonder if it was repeated in all the other homes with alarms ringing away too lolol
    An army of semi naked folks hurtling down stairs with maybe many colours of fly swatters raised in readyness!
    There's got to be a cartoon for your local newspaper in there somewhere.......
    I clicked on the Toran picture and nowt happened......is that what you wanted to find out about? If the link was working hun? If so its maybe not ?

  3. I LIED!! It does work....especially if you click on the written words Toran Toran LOL and not the fab picture of said artwork.........duhhhhh am I thick or am I THick!

  4. Good grief ... I have such images in my mind ! I have decided to give up burglary now, as I had no concept of what I might run in to , in a Aseemingly quiet domestic home. Peach nightie AND fly swatter AND semi naked (bad bits on show) man .... it is simply not worth the risk. Thank you for helping me beat this bad habit - ex lag of Lincoln x


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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