Saturday, 3 November 2012


On a beautiful English Autumn day, my two friends and I had a lovely trip to the Autumn quilt fair at Duxford air museum.  This is the new venue as Chilford has tragically burnt down this year.
Wow what a fabulous venue I think, so easy to get to just off junction 10 on the M11, lots of parking, a bit of an aerial display sometimes (on our exit), not too large a queue and the outstanding thing was that to get to the quilt show and the traders access was through the hanger with all the planes in. WOW is not quite the word, I was overawed at the sheer size of the hanger and the beautiful aeroplanes.  This one above at the entrance, look at the blue sky!

This one outside the main building where we queued
There were lots of men and lots of children
What a great day out for all the family, Costs were £7 or £6 for the quilt exhbiition and I think about £8 for the planes, but you only paid for whatever one you went in, so quilters had a huge bonus at seeing the planes for free (well not inside them or the whole building, but quite a few around the edge)

Look at the size of the hanger, the harrier looks like it is suspended.  It all reminded me of my brothers (5 years older) bedroom with all his airfix models mounted on the ceiling throughout my childhood

Inside the exhibition, there was a small display of quilts, in a few categories, this is not really a fair to go to to see quilts, its more a shopping bonanza

Dorothy Sharman & her friend made this one.  I used to attend college when she did so am always interested in her work

Very simple but effective

Dilys Fronks bird, such a lovely face

Reminded me of Lindisfarne, dont know why
The outcome for me.....
1.  Venue was not too hot
2.  Stupid tea queue as usual, they never get it right
3.  Lotd of tables, not so many chairs
4.  Good concrete floor
5.  Long queue for the loos (as usual)
6.  Lighting at the back was not good
7.  Rows  for the traders were too close together (as usual)
All in all I really liked it, far better than Chilford.  I had given up on that show years ago.  I shall go again especially to the Spring fair if it is there again
As I have had not such a good time lately I decided to treat myself to A book, a pattern and some Taupe fabrics
Today we become Bouncy Wouncy old man & woman.  We set up and removed a small castle for a very nice couple and 12 little children, it is completly knackering, but inbetween I made a little block by machine which I have now drawn up for hand templates.
I highly recommend Duxford, one more day to go
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