Monday, 1 October 2012

Photography & grumbles

Ive been organising my photographs and found this, Lindisfarne castle, I love the purity of the single fine grass with the heavy fortified castle seemingly attached to the stem, the permanent and impermanent, heavy - light
This shot was taken at the same time but with different settings on my Nikon DSLR, look at the difference, the grass is totally swamped by the castle, in fact the grass looks transparent and lost
When you take a shot try using different settings and making the focal point  really important
Earlier today I was busy making a new small quilt top using my Urbanicity fabric, circles, squares, black, white and taupe.  I had a quick way of piecing that I had saved for a while from Fabrications magazine.  Chop chop, zoom zoom draw draw, cut, open, duh? errrr?  what!!!The flipping instructions were completely wrong.  Oh I was mad, oh I was very mad.  I had drawn on my fabric and I thought that I had ruined it all.  Actually  I was very fortunate in that I only had to re-cut 4 pieces.
Moral of this story - DONT believe any instructions - make a test sample first.  The pictures in this magazine are completely wrong, but hey presto the finished picture is correct.  I am not a fan of this magazine since they were to publish one of my quilts and the pattern and then it did not appear, they put a daft little thing in instead with someone with 'a name' and my quilt never appeared.
Now Ive got some sort of bug, so stitching has stopped.  Oh Ive finished the bag & forgotten to photograph it!

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