Sunday, 7 October 2012


After a ghastly week, the sun is out & washing drying on the line, atho the temperature says its 45 degrees which is very silly
Sewing this week has been off and on.  A new small top was started and is hanging waiting quilting using my Urbanicity fabric.  I loved this fabric when I bought it a few months ago and now some of it is almost unusable because it makes my eyes go 'funny'  A beautiful stripe that I am having to chop up smaller to avoid the dizzies
Such a shame
I have been messing around with another design for my Scapes classes, using hand dyed fabrics.
I thought I would use up a large amount of my stash, dyed over many years, but only used a pittance. 
So why do I keep buying hand dyed fabric eh? 
After buying Vicki Welsh Warkton Lane, I have now bought some fabric from Maggie Birchenough.  Both dyers are excellent.  I think I shall never bother again with dyeing my own. 
I dont like the safety issues anymore & there are such good dyers out there, whats the point!
Warkton Lane Quilt by Vicki Welsh
Warkton gradient
The original picture that I took in.....Warkton Lane

Maggie Birchenough fabric, now lives with me!
Different piece.  I noticed that Maggie was dyeing again yesterday, so I am awaiting new pieces. 
Both dyers use good cloth.  Vicki's is similar to Makower & Maggie's to Moda & also Laura Kemshalls Fingerprint fabric, some of which I have treated myself to recently, its in the bag with the Spoonflower fabric that I designed. 
Spoonflower is an American site, but Fingerprint is in the UK. 
I am going to get some fabric printed by Fingerprint when I make up my mind which to use of the thousands of images that I want repeated on yardage.(Slight exaggeration Folgate :-)
I have also started another quilt top with commercial fabric. 
I now wish that I had a long arm quilt machine! I have the space, in the garage but it is full up with our crud and the crud from my childrens previous homes. 
One day I will SEIZE THE DAY & chuck it all out!
Sorry about the rambling, not feeling up to snuff at the moment, normal service resumes soon (hopefully) thanks for reading have a lovely Sunday x

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