Monday, 3 September 2012


Dragging myself away from the Paralympics with rectangular eyes, I took advantage of the most beautiful day.  Early September slanting golden light and so still.
I skipped along the secret lane dodging the stinging nettles and hunting for doc leaves (successfully) when I was not nimble enough to avoid the ouch.  The flies were buzzing around so happily and for a moment I was 9 years old following my Daddy with the sun on my back and my little red shorts on.  Half way along the lane I ran out of skipping puff and circling puff and settled into singing very loudly, why do you whisper green grass...where that came from????  At the end of the lane were the 'beasts'
Moo moo moo I went, staring they went, then I herd (heehee) moo moo moo, I was hiding behind a tree, a young man and woman emerged from the dell, I had a green tshirt on and I gave them a fright
when I popped (now thats a sight me popping out of anywhere)into view saying I thought the cows were answering me back, they looked really shocked and the man went bright red hahahaha
Glorious day, I cried when I saw David Weir on the podium with his feet on the floor as tall as he could be and I have just seen Ellie symmons win her second gold.  If you are not watching then do watch on catchup INSPIRING.  Have a lovely evening, wonder if tomorrow will be as nice.
Oh and I have been stitching - developing Stitched scapes.  The git next door who owns the cat with many names went to work and workmen arrived and removed the boundary fence and chopped off the concrete posts and it was no sit in the garden for me, I think its a conspiracy with Mad Mower Morris lol x

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  1. So do you walk alone or have a dog to jog after? Dont tell me the cat goes with you!!


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