Saturday, 22 September 2012


I have spent a lovely afternoon, driving with my friend through the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside with blue sky and bubbling clouds , the rood of her convertible, chatting away
We went to Barnwell to the studio of Carrie Akroyd, a print & Lithograph maker.  The image above is a birch wood lithograph.  Carrie explained the process, fascinating.  The lithographs are limited editions of 50 prints.
This lovely image is a lino cut
Look at this wonderful image.  Her studio was full of interesting images, one of which I really would have loved to own, but somehow knowing that there are 50 of them sort of took the edge off a bit.  The Seriographs are all slightly different, but the lithographs are all exactly the same, it felt a bit like taking a photocopy to me.  Her sketchbooks were also very interesting, being concerned with getting the subject matter down quickly working in the field, literally.
A very interesting artist
Another studio was Jewellery designer & maker Carol Clift.
We actually spent much longer in this studio.  A delightful young woman with a beautifully laid out display area containing superb jewellery.  I have not worn my wedding or engagments rings for years and get asked if I am married.  I have become alergic to the gold causing my fingers to swell up. Sooo I bought a new ring, it is beautiful, it has circles on it!!!  Oh and some other bits as well, gulp
I will photograph it to show, it is beautiful

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