Monday, 6 August 2012


Very exciting news.  My friend Vicki Welsh has created a whole range of hand dyed fabrics from one of my photographs
She has called the range WARKTON LANE which is very near to where I live in Northamptonshire, England

This is the original picture
Warkton Lane

Look at the wonderful fabric she has produced
Warkton Lane gradient

Kettering gradient
The green in these fabrics is a deep jade green and the purple is an eggplant purple.

Solid colours to match

I am ordering in amounts of multiples of 2.5 inches as I am going to use this fabric for a new Kaleidescope quilt I have designed, cut from 'jelly roll' type strips with my Accuquilt Go machine 

Vicki is in America, so prices are in dollars, but are on special offer until October.  Dyed to order this are special one off fabrics.
Please have a look and support us both by buying some of the fabrics
When mine arrive I will post pictures of them

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