Thursday, 9 August 2012


Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments.  It really was an experience of my lifetime, really high emotions, Dale has asked for a piccie of me so Ive put it top of blog, not very glamoroud but a very happy me.
The curve of the aquatic centre, these photos are high res, so should be clickable & I dont mind if any student wants to use them for design work
Early morning so can still see the black and white designs of the seats, would be a good colour choice, terracotta, lime green, black white & pale blue with a smattering of red and grey
Didnt we have good seats
Block 217, row 64, we were here!!
The square boxes are led lights used int he opening ceremony (which I dont remember!) I suppose they will be used int he closing as well, every seat had one, but there was plenty of room, best athletics seats I have ever sat on, lots of leg room too, didnt have to get up every time someone went past, thats a bonus when you have lots of stuff - phone, camera, hat, flag, huge flag, coat on lap!
Internal gubbings, the stairwells with perspex, interesting lines I thought
You can take the designer out of the sketchbook but cant ....blah blah heehee
Anish Kapoors Orbit structure, fantastic.  It is awe inspiring, a modern Eifel tower, so interesting, as it twists and turns, every angle is a delight
I especially like this one, reminds me of Transformers, I like the light shadings showing the curves & the mysterious hole, this has not been cropped but is as was underneath the Orbit
BBC box, we didnt hover around, if Jake had been there we would have but didnt know who was talking and couldnt see into the glass area
If you know me then you know how much I love spherical forms, so these wind towers were fascinating, Ive got quite a few of these images, much to my husbands pained face, he does not say anything but his expression does, I think this is wonderful & sustainable, the theme of the games
By the way my son went to the BMX yesterday & a report tomorrow on a fortunate person that I know who is actually going to be at the mens 200 metres final tonight!!! Its not me.  My group of friends AFFINITY are putting up our exhibition in Bosworths Garden Centre this afternoon in Burton Latimer, Northants.  It will be there for the whole of August.  I will have pictures of this to post as well.
Okay I know that its a bit blurred and if you look in the very centre at the little speck of yellow you will see THE B I G MAN - USAIN BOLT, wow that near to a legend, overawed Shelagh, when you see the size of the stadiuml we had good seats, this was the TV area viewed from my seat, look at happy faces, all very excited people, unfortunately I dont have a zoom lens for my DSLR
never mind you can get an essence & its a real eye view!
Yohan Blake 200m (in yellow)
Another shot of the wonderous flame.
I could not see the bell anywhere so I guess its been removed
Off to get dressed slowly as my neck is still bad, then try to find some nails for this afternoon.  I dont think I will be doing any hammering and driving in nails, but my mouth is working, was very careful with the shouting.  Im going to try and post one of my videos to show the sound, I hope that it works.
Keep the comments coming, its lovely to know that you are out there & I am not talking to a screen!

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  1. I love hearing and seeing what was happening, pictures are good! I agree with Dale, was loojing for the outfit photo.


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