Thursday, 12 July 2012

plink plink PLOP

Our BOAT meeting tonight (very appropriate name) was working on a page in our monthly book, the colour is Blue.  I think I should use this picture.

How about this for news.... I applied for  Olympic tickets.  My DH is an athlete, he is over 60 Masters triple jump champion, has held this title & the long jump titles nearly every year, indoor and out since he was 40.  He has competed for his country, came third in Europe.  We didnt get ANY tickets.

Last night he got an email from a friend offering him 2 tickets to the stadium qualifying rounds.  200 metres (YES YES YES, Usain Bolt), womens javelin & mens triple jump qualifying.  £65 quid each and a view over the finishing line.  I am still astonished, of course we jumped (heehee) at this offer.

All the tickets have names on them.  But according to the Olympic ticket site as long as we have his telephone number we can have his tickets

We have to be there 2 1/2 hours before the start, which is 9.30am.  Gulp....ah ha my DD lives only a tube ride away, she does not know that she is putting us up yet!!!!

I will remember my camera I hope.  No food or drink is allowed & only a handbag or small back pack (a given size) to fit under your seat is allowed, food and drink is very expensive.  But tell you what I DONT CARE.  My voice will be part of history.  I shall shout & cheer & no doubt knowing me I shall also cry.  I feel so very fortunate, but am not totally easy until I have my ticket safely in my sticky little mitt :-)

Wowie....... x

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  1. Just heard an announcer on bbc saying she looked at tickets to the opening and as they were 925. she passed themup. These were official not scapled! You will have fun I'm sure.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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