Sunday, 15 July 2012


I have in my sticky little mitts, 2 Cd's full of 950 photos of the wedding.  They are truly wonderful
Images are over 10 mb each & the detail is wonderful.  \this is low resolution to post on here
There is a really fun short video, but I can work out how to get it from Picasa web albums yet, if I do Ill post it.
I think the photos are so stunning because it had rained heavy & washed everything, then the sun came out with dark colouds gathering, I think this photo shows that.

I have sent our this months newsletter which has a FREE workshop included.  If you would like the workshop then please sign up for the newsletter on here & sometime this week it will be sent out to you.

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  1. thats a interesting little workshop Shelagh, thanks for passing it onto to us!
    Tylahs wedding is on Aug 11th.......Im going to have a to say something on the unacustomed as what I am, to public speaking!
    I think you and hubby scrubbed up really smashing and you both look so proud....and rightly so!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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