Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am going to be indugent Im afraid with wedding tales....
The outfit...mine that is...what a nightmare, if you have a wedding planned then go on a diet, I wish I had what a trial to find something that was 'arty & floaty' the request from my daughter, the bride
Not very flattering Im afraid shot by my husband, heels sunk into the wet grass lol
Perched on my head is a THING, this thing is called a fascinator & I am 5 feet 10 tall this thing kept getting caught on doorways, bus roof and I had flowers on my wrist that were huge, a rose and a gerbera.  More on those in another post
So arty & floaty I was in navy blue with lime green beads & a lovely pashmina which covered my fat wobbly arms the thing I was most freaking out about as the bolero for the outfit had really short sleeves.  I altered the fascinator by adding stickles in copper and chopping up green and orange feathers, actually looked okay but I felt a trifle silly in it especially as my counterpart did not have anything perched on her head!
Here are the bridal party
My daughters dress by Ian Stuart was stunning.  Ivory silk with a diamonte insert & lacing up the back, it was so lovely
My darling daughter
This lady is my daughters hair & make up artist, look at the yummy table, all made available to me, I spent so long blending out all my wrinkles and blemishes that I forgot my mascara, good job as I was in floods of tears at the ceremony.  The room is their turret suite at the Radisson Bleu in Edinburgh, the site of the pre-wedding drinks party following the pre-wedding meal, which was lovely.  As my son in law is Swedish it was wonderful to meet all our new relations & friends
Here we are at the pre-wedding dinner, looking a bit silly as we were all having a very good time, my husband does not really look like wallace or is it grommit (ha)
Another new outfit for me, this one had nice elbow sleeves and I am wearing the beautiful brooch bought for me by my daughter
My hair is a mess after swimming & being under strict instruction by my hairdresser not to put any products in it or use heat tools

Im very tired now having returned from out holiday to Holy Island & Ive been swimming today, more to come soon, & I have some good shots that will work for textiles
Back soon xx

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