Saturday, 23 June 2012

Journey from hell

7 hours Northampton to Carlisle in the awful rain, wind and stop start M6, a very odd arrangement to get to the hotel through farmers gates and no entry signs, just what you need when you are socaking wet, it was so bad that we left all the wedding clothes including THE dress in the car overnight and a disturbed night peering out the window watching the car park fill up with water and leaves.  Same old same old this morning until we got to Gretna Green then it cleared up and we had a fabulous ride through lovely scenery to our destination Edinburgh, where we found Princes street had road works and promptly got ourselves lost, two lovely random women at a bus stop sorted us out and at last WE ARE HERE
Ive been swimming, eating fabuloous food and to the wedding reception with all our lovely friends and meeting our fabulous new Swedish friends & tomorrow relatives
The suite is the top of the tower & here is one of the views
Wonderful sky set for a wonderful couple & we are so emotional & proud & excited
Stunning views from an unusual vantage point
Goodnight x

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