Sunday, 6 May 2012


(c) Tim McCord

Okay so who forgot??? Hands up...yep me
So a-googling I go to get some images.  I cant work out what is real and what is care of Mr photoshop.  Maybe I will get my own image tonight as at the moment it is quite clear

This could be achieved with discharge paste either Fibretch or Decolorant & a stencil

I am watching Planet Earth Live, which in fact is not live just a load of waffle from a tent in the rain and dark and alot of VT's.  I am hopeful of the massive use of BBC license money for this program to produce something that is actually live. Moan moan.

I have been making a table mat today but being stuck down (how melodramatic!) with the inevitable sniffles, it is not finished.
Atlantis by Fabric Freedom

Clarice Cliff

I have sent the latest FREE newsletter today.  It always amazes me at how many people dont open it.
Do please subscribe, it is FREE and contains all sorts of stuff, creative ideas, little workshops, information etc
The new image at the top of the blog is an experiment with the new tools in Picasa, the free download piece of software for photos from google.  I find this so much easier than Photoshop elements, which actually drives me a little bonkers

Back tomorrow with the story of BLACK PUSS..see you then x

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