Thursday, 3 May 2012


Will the weather ever cheer up?  Rain, floods, wind, really cold and its May now.  I knew that we would pay for 2 weeks of lovely weather seems like forever ago.
Continuing on the photography trail, a series of metal & glass images

I am very pleased with this image.  It is a close up shot with extension tubes of the bottle below.  Which was a gift from a friend many years ago.
This is one image that would look fantastic printed as cloth

The shadows here are appealing but the actual glass is out of focus as the focal point was the puffer

Stairway to .......

I was very pleased with this one, can you guess what it is?  I actually managed to get the focal point correct & shows great perspective

Shows what a bit of sun can do!

And finally the metal that keeps my machine going, Formula One - Supertwist
Okay rain got into brain off for a rest lol x

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