Sunday, 1 April 2012


Good morning from a bright & sunny England
My daughter has just sent me this photo
This is her temporary home, overlooking the Millenium Dome, what a view, all those boats, who says there is a recession.  I am really looking forward to visiting them, what a stunning balcony.
I have had some pictures sent of work from the first of the DESIGN TO STITCH workshop course and thought I would make a collage as a little glimpse of the outstanding pieces that are being created, thank you to al the students for allowing me to post their work, I have cropped the work, so those who have not started yet dont get influenced lol

Outstanding, lucky me to have such talented students.  I have sent the second workshop out and am looking forward to seeing what is produced this month, if you are still working on yours then I would love to see stages or work in progress and if you would like an evaluation / critique then I will provide one

Watch out for NEW workshops arriving soon.
I might just decamp to Docklands & live by the water for a while, wonder if they would like an Easter cuckoo (I dont think I have ever typed that word before, I wish the spell check had not vanished from blogger)
Off to hit the woods whilst the sun shines, happy day to you all x


  1. FABulous work! Well done ladies all...........and gents if you have any gent stitchers too

    1. I do have one gent but in my local classes, he is an excellent stitcher. Is a sculpturer.
      I am totally pleased with the fabulous work x

  2. Lovely blog - I've just found you via Stephanie Redfern, whose work inspired me to take an embroiderers' guild workshop yesterday.

    1. Hi Ann, welcome. I looked at your blog earlier following Stephs link, I like your concertina book very much. Steph is very inspiring I found. I was fortunate enough to spend a two day workshop in Birmingham with her last summer.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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