Thursday, 5 April 2012


Well I typed a really long post and blogger eat it, I am very very cross, so here goes but I probably wont remember any of it now grrrrr
Today has been patchwork finishing off school, at home.  This is a piece that I made whilst teaching a few months ago.  It is the same as the Red and White one that I made last year (previous post)  I dont know why I chose blue, I suppose that I have a huge stock of blue from my days as a designer with MakowerUK.  The pattern is my own derived from the original idea for these Kaleidescopes by Ricky Tims.  It is all about getting the tonal values right, something that I just love playing around with, it is what makes this type of patchwork piecing with templates just so interesting to me.  It is the mathematical challenge that always excites me.  I really enjoy making these precise pieces.  The edges are Japenese binding bringing the backing to the front and then using machine blanket stitch to finish.  Not the quick option that it sounds as the corners and getting the width right can be fiddly, but I am in the right frame of mind then I love doing fiddly things lol
This is a close up of the quilting with YLI vaiegated cotton thread, I decided to quilt it in an all over pattern, as the red and white one is heavily quilted in sections
Ill see if I can find a picture of it

Same pattern, look how different it looks in a different colour way & using the wonderful tonal values of the fabrics!
Blogger has gone completely bonkers tonight I cant get the details pictures to load without being massive

This is the second piece finished. This was cut with the Accuquilt 2 1/2 inch strip cutter, it is a sofa seat cover eh? yep, we acquired a sofa with a cover that my DH hated, I actually liked it, Ikea green foliage and big birds, one day I thought hmmm wonder if it comes off, cause he was nattering about it (typical man) & underneath was a lovely cream heavy calico cover which has been the background for oodles of cushions & a couple of folded quilts. So I decided to raid my red box of fabrics and chop chop chop. This is the result, it has one of my very most favourite fabrics Letters from India, hoarded for years, but I was brave. I cut enough for a table runner, which is awaiting quilting, mats, cushions, carpet, wallpaper, maybe I could cover the house, so its a good job that I like the fabrics. This was simply quilted using the walking foot and a ruler and a thread that has always misbehaved but today stitched like a dream, maybe cause I was propped up on 2 pillows as my legs are still suffering from the BIG STAND UP for a bigger picture, hohoho

Thats it, am off to bed defo now, just watched McIlroy sink a great putt with the 3D glasses on and two blokes almost obscured it by popping out of the screen, the glasses make me feel sick, shall make no more comments on the golf!!

Thanks for reading, perhaps you will find time over the bank holiday to finish off some projects, if I dont blog over the weekend then I hope that you have a very peaceful & wonderful Easter x<>

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  1. Like the blue very much, wouldnt have clocked that it was the same as the red.......ish! Funny how we 'see' things isnt it.
    shows how much colours affect what we see too.
    Nice idea for the sofa cover too.


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