Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The unexpected return of the big ball of fire (aka the sun) drew me outsides for a trip down my secret lane.  Everything is budding beautifully after the rain, although some of the large leafy trees still need more of a drink.  Mad mower morris is twanging on his guitar with all the windows open whilst I was trying to photograph these pictures.  I used my extention tubes, as a macro lens is way out of my pocket, its a dream thing, some people want a boat or a villa, I want a macro lens, still life is full of dreams isnt it.

Popping up in the lawn, but they are so beautiful & delicate close up look at all the wonderous petals

Not completely in focus, I really needed my tripod, but have scurried indoors away from the dreadful electric guitar 'playing', huh he plays in a band, have to find out the name and avoid it like the plague!
I should really be stitching, but having finished 6 quilts over the last week and two trips to London, I am a bit stitched out, only really feel like playing around with images, so I will sort out some for classes coming up & maybe stitch later when the tiredness from the quick trot has subsided.  Oh I could just eat a bar of chocolate, I hate being diabetic, now I feel miserable as chocolate is in the forefront of my mind
This is what happens if you dont get enough light in your image, I am thinking of sending out my newsletter with information on taking a photograph for textiles.  Anyone interested in that.  I had also thought about a PDF, what do you think?
This is the right way to do it lol
Thanks for reading x
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  1. l too want a macro lens..wishful thinking but if you don't dream what is there in life...?xxx


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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