Friday, 2 March 2012


Last night was a committee meeting for my local Embroiderers Guild.  The theme for next year is 'Keep it Local' or something like that
This morning, when the sun had broken through the mist, I went for a walk, locally, I was plodding along pondering on this theme whilst looking at red brick houses glinting in the sun and knarled old trees looking majestic, there was hardly a breath of wind and no-one about, I felt as though I was walking through a dream. 

As I was crunching along the uneven worn old path, suddenly a song popped into my head and has now become an ear worm.

Why?  I think because two of the ladies had just been on holidays to the Indian Ocean.  One was on the ship that lost its electricity, just a week before the problems.  She said that it was a lovely ship & the staff really nice

The other has been to the Seychelles. In a previous blog I posted a picture of the emerald green flash at sunset (google green flash)  I first learnt of this when I was nine & laid up in bed & remember the name Seychelles .

So I suppose that memory is why this is going round and round my head

So I did a search and found this link

Lovely innocent voices with an easy listening tune, cant work out how to get it onto here but these are the words, tumbling through my head

Words and Music by Alex Kramer and Joan Whitney, © 1948
Far away places, with strange sounding names,

Far away over the sea . . .
Far away places, with their strange sounding names,
Calling, calling me . . .

Goin' to China or maybe Siam,
I wanna see for myself . . .
Those far away places, I've been reading about,
In a book that I took from the shelf . . .

I get so excited whenever I hear
The whistle of a train . . .
I long for the day I can be on my way
And look for those castles in Spain!

Call me a dreamer, well maybe I am,
But I know that I'm burning to see
Those far away places, with their strange sounding names,
Calling, calling me . . .

Inspiration comes from such strange sources, on the way back I found a few pieces of honesty, which for some odd reason reminds me of China. Have no idea why

Where is my sketchbook?  I feel a few scratchings coming on........

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