Saturday, 18 February 2012


Embroiderers Guilds up and down the land are busy stitching 6 inch by 4 inch postcards of the countries taking part in this years LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES

My local branch KETTERING, of which I was first Chairman (or woman or person whatever..) drew ICELAND
There are 12 postcards, headed by the ICELAND flag, beautifully stitched by Carolyn.
I volunteered to stitch them together before I felt so ill, but this morning hooray feel human again, so I have finished them off and packaged them up ready to be posted to headquarters
The work is completely superb, I have not asked permission yet to post close ups so will wait until then to show, they will be on display at East Midlands Regional Day & other venues no doubt.
I don't really know what is happening to them...its a bit of a mystery

Anyhow this is my entry

It is based on the fissures caused by the ash eruption, the blue beads and stitching represent the small amount of blue sky that could be seen through the ash in a photograph that I viewed on the TV.  When the planes were not flying I went for a walk on a clear blue day, the sky was amazing with no white trails and no noise
I sat in a field for ages and just looked and absorbed a phenomenon that will most probably never happen again.  I was so pleased when we were allocated Iceland
The piece is edged with machine fringing - a favoured technique of mine
This is a close up, there is a lot of invisible stitching and the main cloth chosen was raw silk, I have added sprays and spray gesso, manipulating techniques and hand stitch
The photos enlarge if you click on them
Off to try and do something - whoo hoo, thanks for reading x

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