Friday, 27 January 2012


Here at last, a lovely three days without a huge plan of 'things to do' within stitchery.  Still trying to get back to somewhere near normal, I am not going to work at weekends.  Having done this for what seems like ever, it is so strange to get two days off together each week.
I am ever hopeful this weekend to be well (please)
Its not been a too bad week, with the highlight a visit from both of my children, certainly a big boost for the immune system.  Gosh I hate being an 'empty nester'

I found a jelly roll whilst looking for some other pieces of fabric.  For those of you not patchwork obsessed a jelly roll is a selection of fabrics from a fabric manufacturer cut to 2 1/2 inches by the full width of the fabric usually around 42 inches.  There are usually around 20 strips.
Anyway I found this, the only one that I have ever bought, purchased for one of the fabrics alone (mad and madder I get)
I spend hours faffing with it to make it work into the pattern I devised for a table centre using Ricky Tims Kalediscope method
In the end, I sewed them together and have just finished cutting it out
Three of the colours, they are Fabric Freedom Lily fabrics, all really bright and funky

Ive cut them out now and wow guess I have taken a trip back to the late 1960's

I have misplaced my lead to my camera to take photos at the moment, which is really annoying me

I shall be stitching this piece over the coming weeks, hopefully I can show it, if I find the lead

Had a new class this morning with some new students, all very lovely.  The sun was streaming in the window, what a lovely way to spend a morning with happy people quilting.  I had a lovely couple, young man and woman who worked together and chose beautiful modern fabric.  I was so pleased to see him stitching so well, I love my job

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