Monday, 14 November 2011


A few posts ago I explained about the proposed changes to my local church.  When I was studying for my A level photography I took a series of shots in the graveyard, a beautiful and lovely place
this is a shot of the gate with my favourite shadows
I truely love this picture, shape, texture, line and form with broken colour, repetition, it has it all.  But no MORE it has been destroyed, by the so called march of progress.  In tis place is a perfect wall and a new wooden gate, very 'nice'
The point of this micro rant - take your camera everywhere, record the present before it is lost forwever, okay you may think so what a rusty old gate, but think of how many people have used this gate?  The feelings of the visitors.  The church is very old dating from the 12th century, I dont for one minute think that it that old but certainly a century, lost, gone, swept away.  Progress, bah humbug, oh dear am getting old.  Saying that, repeats what my DH has just said, is Pointless on yet?? Oh dear we are getting old we have a teatime program to watch.  It was once Countdown when the children were young, good for their vocab and maths.  Then Stargate through teenage years, good for science, & jolly good laugh & fun all together, now the nest is empty and we are on our laptops watching pointless, learning rubbish just for ourselves,  Tomorrow take your camera or phone and snap away, we are so lucky to have digital and to be able to record the wonderful world around us.  One day I will make a piece of work from this photo.
Thanks for reading - what do you think?


  1. Gates can be fascinating. Isn't it interesting what grabs our attention? For me it's twisting tree roots. I go out of my way looking for them. I even have pictures of roots that look like a roaring lion's head. And yes, I regret it when I leave the camera at home.

  2. "What do I think"? Well, I think it would make the most fabulous piece of textile work and you should definitely give it a go. Wish it was mine!!


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