Thursday, 13 October 2011


Back now from a little blogging break.  On saturday a little coach left Kettering for Alexander Palace, Muswell Hill, London.  Coach not made for large posteriors as the seat belt connectors ouch!!!!

I was excited and apprehensive as I was meeting Dale in the flesh for the first time.  We are internet pen pals who get along really well, but who knows in the cold light of day we might not get along at all!!

Oh silly me....what a fabulous day...what a lovely lady...a bit like seeing myself lol
And here we are, a bit blurry but a lovely photo.  I wore my New Zealand necklace especially as Dale is a New Zealander and strangely we both wore green lol
We nattered and nattered, Ian must have thought that I had kidnapped her!!
Fabulous stall crammed with such yummy colours, beautiful themes, if you have never looked at the thread studio then have a look, there is a lot of information, ideas and tips.  The postage is the actual cost and I dont find it expensive at all.  I bought a couple of prefelts that had been dyed by Jacinta Fleshman in Melbourne, flown to Perth and dried in Perth and carried to London, one of them was still a little damp, somehow that really pleased me, truly a small world.  Lots of Starburst stains were bought, these are fabulous, the colour really does stain, they have mica powder in them.  They colour all papers and cloth.  The coloour remains even after hand washing altho the mica washes away.  I have many other sprays and nothing is as good as these.
I have been at work all week so have had no chance to play with my purchases yet
I had a lovely conversation with Frances Pickering on the Art Van Go stand, whose work really lifts my soul, we discussed colour pencils and she showed me the Derwent Coloursoft pencils, a tin of which are in the waiting to experiment pile for today.
I saw 2 more pages of Stepahnie Redferns Stone Bird, which was behind perspex, so funny as the lady standing next to me bent forward and banged her head on the perspex, shows how facinating Stephs work is, check out her blog, link on my side bar and her new work.
Another highlight for me was the work of Beryl Dean, outstanding retrospective.  I had jst been to the graduate showcase where except for one student the work was same old same old, then I went to see the life work of Beryl Dean, so ahead of her time, beautful drawings, designs and textiles.  Worth going just for this.  Google image her name to see some of the work.  I enjoyed seeing a piece of Margaret Charltons work with Dale.  I had a workshop with her years ago and have always rated her work.
I hope to go again next year but not on a Saturday it was heaving thousands of people, there were many log jams and I barely went in the second room, spending all my time in the textile room, even then I didnt see the tapestry, say hi to Kathy Sage or Richard Box or spend time in the Silver studio textile design exhibit.
I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my trip, I am busy designing and stitching ideas for this winter, pictures to come soon, meanwhile happy stitching! x

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  1. Hi Shelagh, sorry I missed you on Saturday, it was a squeeze there. We were so tired mid afternoon we had to have a long sit down, but of course our mouths didn't stop...I have become quite a Beryl Dean fan now, so I'm pleased I went just for that exhibition.Steph


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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