Friday, 28 October 2011


At one of my classes this week I decided to work alongside my excellent students & produce a sample 'out of the box'  It was awful
Look at this ghastly mess, such a lot of stitching as well hand and machine.  I had wanted to use the heat gun on it expecting the black scarf swopped for chiffon (BIG mistake) as the fabrics below were a bit 'in yer face'.  Of course I had not tried out the scarf with the heat gun.
This is what it looked like after the horrendous smell (remembered to open the window and wear the mask)

What a mess, charred fragments, the whole thing fell apart, so I cut it up.  You might think that I would sling it in the bin, but remember hours of stitching had gone into this.
So mark one nuahty sample:
Layer with pre-felt - bought cheaply at Alexander Palace then add scrim - bought at Festival of quilts.  Hand dyed velevet & cover with a chiffon scarf care of the stash.
Spend hours and hours hand stitching, Kantha style using 2 different threads

Pretty boring, heat gun attack

Hmmm looking a tad better - out with the Treasure waxes and the Gleam.  Gleam hopeless, I hate the tiny little pots with the lids that are really difficult to open.  So I used my normal treasure wax

The reasure wax on the burnt mess looks like little beads.
So endeth sample one
Today I thought I am going to do something with the rest of this huge piece.  Fortunately I had not charred the whole A3 sized piece but just a corner
Fingers drumming on desk hhmmmmm, ah ha I will use the soldering iron instead & my hotstamps.
Well I have not even bothered to photograph the horrid mess - I hate this black scarf that is like tar grrrr
Onto mark three
When I was getting the hotstamps out, I dislogged my Clover Slash cutter - ah ha light bulb moment
Cut off a sliver of the bad boy
So onto the large piece

Look at the difference, it slashed through all my hand stitching, but hey ho, at least it is now behaving

These are my Lana brushes, as I love my Lana threads, they are just like suede brushes, one hard & one soft, so I roughed up the naughty black stuff
Then finally I attacked it with the heat gun from the reverse and voila a good sample.
Gotta go out now, am thinking of layering sample one onto sample 3 and maybe throwing sample two in the bin - what do you think???? Was it worth all that effort??
Back later


  1. Cool! I love what one can accomplish 'outside the box'.

  2. Shelagh, the universe is shoddily constructed in comparison, great stuff. I know where to come for product advice! I used the glacine you gave me, love it, it's in a piece of work now.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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