Thursday, 1 September 2011


Our local newspaper, the Evening Telegraph, has managed to get all the details of the exhibition wrong, so we are opening for an extra day tomorrow (Friday) which is no bad thing, as it is still very popular
So if you have not had chance to visit then please do, I shall be there tomorrow most of the day, please say hi!
Didnt get any chance to photograph samples today, due to an enormous all day breakfast with my daughter at The Mews cafe, its half past four now and I am still full from 11.30 scoff in lol
I shall add random images today instead & hopefully samples tomorrow.
This is a resolved image using impasto techniques

Part of a book cover using stitched patterns deconstucted

Further stitched patterns, this time on a very innovatively shaped container

Vibrant resolved design piece

Considered thoughtful manipulation of fabrics

Scrim, paint & wrapped sticks, this is actually a beautifully subtle piece, I will try to take a better image tomorrow

Edge finishes, manipulation & stitch techniques
Hope you are not getting bored......  ???? Here are some more...

Terrific design derived from yellow no parking lines!

More developmental ideas to resolved design piece, Chocolate & pink, a very modern colour scheme

This is a beautiful scarf. stitched on a difficult fabric, the design is from New Zealand, it hangs well & would match one of my outfits to a T
Finally, part of the room display,

The beautiful bay window in the studio, looking out onto the courtyard and the cafe, Dolls House shop, Toy shop & the craft shop.  We are very fortunate to sew in such an inspiring place & in the centre of Kettering town too, easy to reach by bus, train or paying car park.  Kettering is a lovely market town, not very big, with a beautiful Parish church & old buildings, it is only a few miles from Boughton house which was featured on the TV this week, both are on the A43.
Do visit us if you get a chance, browse around the shops and have a coffee & a small breakfast lol.  Phew need a rest now, thanks for looking and reading x

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