Tuesday, 9 August 2011


My London is on fire.  I am so sad that a few complete brainless idiots have caused such pain to so many people, homes, livihoods, property.
I was in hospital 30 years ago watching riots like these and thought that I would never see this again in my life time.  Please spare a thought for the emergency services, the police, fire & ambulance, in some cases the fire fighters could not be guaranteed safety.  As the mother of a fire fighter this fills my heart and soul with complete dread.
I have just seen that the rioting is spreading throughout the country.
This is totally shocking & upsetting


  1. it breaks our hearts down under looking at the images, videos and senseless stuff happening. But i have just been reading about this sort of thing back in the 19th century so have we learnt anything?

  2. I also think it is a senseless act and these people need to be brought to justice and brought to justice HARD! Unfortunately, as they said on TV, where do you put all the criminals (- don't send them down here!!!) A very sad sight indeedd.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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