Monday, 29 August 2011


I am watching Jessica Ennis in the Hepthalon of the World Championships, our only hope for gold now.  Gutted for Mo Farrah, screaming at the TV gave me a really sore throat.  Then the huge shock of Usain Bolt false starting, what a shock.  I am so annoyed at being cheated out of a fabulous final, as no doubt most of the athletic world is.

Todays eye candy of the exhibition is jewellery.

A very innovative way of displaying some of the required passementerie

Lovely colour scheme

This is an innovative method, developed by this student, after trialling out extensively the technique

No work of my own, due to the championships & the English bank holiday break.  Having a creative rest for a few days.  Have sent my muse away for a holiday, in the hopes of much refreshment when she comes back!!
Back tomorrow with more to see, thanks for reading x

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