Saturday, 9 July 2011

Where has the summer gone?

Chilly wind, dull & overcast, strange July weather.  So studio time is called for.
Tidying up, I found a box of 'bits' actually a huge box of bits, that I had totally forgotten about.  Something to do with a wasted life keeps popping into my head!!
Only problem that I have today is my brain disappeared last night in a nightmare.  Really shook me up, I guess it was based on a discussion at work yesterday, no wont tell don't want it to happen to you.

So some pictures of bits on a turquoise theme

Well this is not a bit, I had totally forgotten about this.  A workshop with Janet Bolton many years ago.  I am happy to find it as I no longer have my little birds
Remember the dog Carolyn!!!!!! & the I don't do pink!!!

Janet is an excellent tutor & at the forefront of the minimalist movement.

Using a brass stencil, puff paint & a myriad of other techniques, very effective

I am pleased to find this one as well, rusting powder & stitch, why do these pieces never get finished ?!
I must fall out of love with them pretty quick & where has this box been hiding?  Actually I thought it was a spare box of felt! So didn't bother looking in it
Now the studio is awash with 'bits'  Looks like I have had a really productive day & no you cant see it!!  I dont know if I could be creative in a sterile studio.  Whenever I have a really good tidy up, I really dont want to mess it up again.  As long as I can get my chair, have a 2 foot square on the desk & use my machines, I dont really care about being surrounded by hundreds of paintbrushes, old and new, sprays galore.  Textile hangings, pencils, paint, scissors (I think that they breed overnight, I am sure that I didnt leave 8 pairs of scissors on the desk yesterday & there are some large & some small ones, & the small ones vanish, yes I am breeding scissors, they tumble out of everywhere!  Oh dear I feel another nightmare coming on)

Lastly for now as there must be over 100 pieces in the box - yipeee

This piece is lovely very shabby chic or  very The Hamptons

I shall have fun with these this summer, but for now the Bolton Birdies is going on the wall

Don't forget to check out  blog tomorrow as Dale & I are stitching.  We have a stitching time limit to be reveled
Well would you believe it the sun has popped its head out
Off to catch a few rays, hopefully get some proper sleep to do all the prep & stitch tomorrow x


  1. I remember the doggie,it was so funny,I wonder where that piece of work is...

  2. Love that Bolton-esque piece, most unusual for you, a minimalist piece lol have fun hun


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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