Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer time & the living is easy

I so love this song.  Today is a beautiful day, warm, breezy & I am getting demob happy with only a week of work to go!!
We had a BOAT meeting last night where I created this
After faffing with it today it now looks like this

Amazing what a few hours can do, interupted by having to go & do a rubbing - why? 'cause Dale said so!!! Then didnt do one herself at all!
Results on HERE
At the meeting Carolyn gave me my birthday pressie or rather pressies.  A lovely stencil that I had wanted for quite a while & the most fabulous BIRD BRADS, dont know where she got them as it was a secret but they are ACE & I am sure will fly to the piece of work above when it is totally finished.

Maybe it might end up the big box of scrummy bits!
Saturday course tomorrow teaching using the smashing machine, should be huge fun
Have a good weekend wherever you are X

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