Monday, 4 July 2011


Very humid here today, waiting for the thunder!
I am very happy with my little self as I have cleared outstanding work & can have a days play with 'stuff' bought a while ago
I had a dig about in my bags & came up with this lot on a gold theme
This on a blue theme & a few others but it will get boring!

I possess quite a few soldering irons.  I have been playing with them since 1998, when I was so fortunate to book in a workshop with the late Daphne Glick.  I am sure that it is her to which we owe the soldering iron obsession, followed by Margaret Beales article in Embroidery magazine (then the world of embroidery) in the summer of 2000.

I have just bought a soldering alphabet & letters & this was todays agenda, to actually work with them

In a local sale a few weeks ago I bought a wooden set of dominoes in a wooden box & I also possess cardboard inchies.  These are what I practised with.

Then onto the fabrics after donning my huge face mask.  You know this is not something to do on a really hot day like today, silly me.

I used all the fabrics above.

The letters are fab, I used 2 soldering irons that have screws on the side, one is much hotter than the other, giving darker letters - fab eh.  Dont too much trouble to change the tips along with my ceramic daisy paint tray, long nosed tweezers & a screwdriver
Was a bit of fun to keep swapping the leads around

So what did I do?  Well if you are following the fun in the creative brain edges HERE you will know that Dale & I are drawing chairs - both choosing widely different chairs, totally at random & not at all planned.  Chair in French is Chaise - I really lovely name I thought, so this piece of work is called CHAISE
This is the beginning, you can see the letters laid out on the middle and end sections, the first 2 are on the irons!
This is the part way result before a rumbling stomach dragged me away
There are a huge amount of processes to get to this
Needs a lot more work but is coming along nicely

I tried out other things, but no photos - forgot!

I am not so chipper about the words, they are ok on wood etc but too small for most fabrics.  The little flower is in one of the sets which has a pumpkin !  I know they are American, called a holiday set, with a tree, a star, a heart, the USA flag & a basket.  Wish there was a European set, maybe with the Eurostar, the Union flag, Morris dancers, a cup of tea & a weather forecast!!  Only kidding.  They work well.
I dug out the original wood burning nibs from way back, circles and triangles etc.  I know that I have more somewhere, but oh where???
So love the letters, ok with the novelties, disappointed with the words.  Wonder if there are any more out there?
The sun came out fleetingly whilst we were drinking tea in the garden
Just catching the edge of the Acer, thought it looked Ace!!

Pusseo has now discarded a big handful of fur via the brush, she is rolling around on the bench on her towel (spoilt) letting us groom her.  I am spying the fur wondering if to embellish it?  Hmm its a lovely shade of grey (hoover dust grey quote Richard Box), but it might have grimbles in it so am resisting

Back to work tomorrow, see you soon x
Don't forget the new workshop & more will be arriving & maybe I will take a leaf out of a certain persons book and actually get some stuff to sell in my Etsy shop eh? eh? eh?

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  1. looking great - I thoughtyou were working on metals but now I think not - why haven't I got those fancy gizmos? I only have letters and numbers.....


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