Tuesday, 19 April 2011


THANK YOU TO ALL MY WELLWISHERS.  The second one is now out, the wimp that is me felt awful for a couple of hours, shaky & upset.  It was a bit of a trial.
That is now done I hope for all the face problems to disappear now & to just get on with life
The weather today is just fabulous, light breeze 22 degrees & a clear blue sky & blossom drifting lightly down, all the spring green foliage is out
The first picture is the view from where I am sitting in my garden & this picture is off the white blossom & the lime green of what used to be a Canadian Maple tree but a bough broke off in a whirlwind & some sort of other tree has taken over.  I miss the old tree & its wonderful helicopters.  This tree has also produced
and this??????

How completely astonishing
I thought that my husband was playing a joke on me with the first photo as it looks like an odd sort of bird table from the angle I am sitting
Makes a fab shape though!
On the textile front I am experimenting with various products, some with excellent results (Inktense blocks) & some need further investigations.
I have tired the Inktense onto leather & whilst it does cover it, I think that the treatment on the leather pieces I used is causing the colour to float on the top & if I wipe my fingers over the colour it comes off slightly, so not recommended.  However the suede side holds the colour as it has a tooth to get hold off.  Good potential there.
Next week the Feely Felt part of Tantalising Techniques will arrive, that was good fun to write.
I have been asked to write totaly hand stitching workshops.  Anyone else interested in these?  Please leave a comment, if there is enough interest then it shall be done.  Mostly the workshops involve machine & some hand.  I dont write totally needle felting workshops either as I know that a lot of people dont have access to a machine.  However all have access to a hand felting needle & foam & there are some nifty gajets on the market now, namely Clover.  Give it a go.  I often operate my smashing machine with just one needle, as I like the subtle effects.  I guess if I was producing felt or totally felted pieces I would want to use all the needle (5 in my case)
Feeling a bit tired now, must be the drugs or the sun!

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