Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts.  Today has been very odd, I keep walking into the sitting room whistling & talking to the wall, a great big huge empty space.  I am sad at losing Tori but very sad as he was the last of a life time of budgies.  He are hoping that the cardboard box cat will live with us one day, well she lives on the patio, sometimes in the kitchen & very rarely will venture into the dining room.  So we have decided not to have any more budgies :-(  I do love their little faces & cheery song.  My best friend who sadly died 3 years ago used to hate it when 5 budgies used to swoop at her, but it was just so funny.  They would go 'mining' along the pull cords for the curtains & when we had hessian wallpaper they would hang off of it like a cliff face, hysterical to see visitors faces.  They were always good & went in when we said in.  Was a job keeping up with the cleaning as it all had to be spotless, we had 2 cages interlinked with each other on top of a 5 foot high display unit.
The louder the TV or talking the louder they got until we covered them up, then occasionally there would be swark of protest, they did like to watch TV.
It is really heartening to hear your stories of your pets, I know some people think budgies are silly, but they were mine & I loved them x
I hope to resume normal blogging soon, thank you friends x

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