Saturday, 12 February 2011

TRANSFIX - further experiments

This is the original fabric.  Pale lilac with little dittsie flowers in a darker purple
I coloured a sheet of computer paper with VIOLET DISPERSE DYE, from COLOURCRAFT.  This was mixed 50mls water to 10 grams dye powder, as per their instructions for an intense colour.  I mixed this whilst in the middle of a power cut last Sunday afternoon.  Mentioned below in a previous post.  Not a good idea as I forgot my gloves (included in the kit & they actually fit my huge mitts of hands) & got it all over my fingers & lots of scrubbing did not remove it all before work the next day.  Purple around your nails is NOT a good feature, believe me.  They are clean now though!!
The colour was applied really thickly to the paper & the image below shows the paper after being used for a fat quarter size piece of cotton that's around 20 inches square, there is still dye left to use on it.

 I painted TRANSFIX onto the cotton, through the same stencil as in the previous post & left it to dry overnight, although it does dry really quite quickly & can be hastened by use of a hair dryer
 This is the result of the ironing, just the one colour this time, as I wanted a control piece to report on here!
 Look how clear the stencil marks are.  Remember that the dark colour is where the TRANSFIX is & the light area is the base cotton fabric, (which is already coloured pale lilac)  I cant see the point of using white material unless you want white lines left, that's why I used the pretty pale lilac fabric.  You cant see any of the preprinted flowers

 Into the washing up bowl it went (the craft bowl, I might add)  Look at the release of the dye.
If you have been following the TRANSFER DYE ROUTE, then you will remember that Transfer dyes , the crayons, paints & Disperse dyes are NOT completely colourfast on cotton fabric.  This is why I am trying out the TRANSFIX, which enables these fascinating mediums to be used on cottons instead of the usual synthetic or synthetic blends.  A complete boon for quilters. (Of which I am one)
I needed to rinse the fabric about a third of the time that I do with Procion fabric dying, I guess I could have put it in the washer & would do if I had a lot to do.
 Wow, this is the result of the washing & ironing dry.  It is paler, which a much better, more natural look to the fabric.  The little flowers are popping up here & there as well.  I transferred uneven as I like my cloth to look un-commercialised.  I guess you could transfer it all to look exactly the same.
My conclusion is that I will most definitely use this product on cotton.  The handle of the fabric has not altered at all, the stencil pattern looks fabulous.  But the areas that were just brushed on have also a great broken effect with the base cloth peeping through.
I estimate that the base cloth has coloured by a small amount, but the Transfix areas have coloured lovely.  Another bonus is that I love this shade of purple (those that know me, know all about the purple car, coat, eyeshadow etc etc, sad git that I am!!)
So grab yourself a bottle of transfix along with the paints or disperse dyes.
I actually recommend the paints as they are so easy to use & a lovely consistency.  The dyes require quite a bit of mixing etc but go about 3 to 4 times further but they are runnier.  They can be mixed with a thickener............oh yeah....there is more to come
Don't forget the WORKSHOPS that are for sale on this technique & also 3creativestudios have my profile & a FREE workshop.  If you post a picture on their Flickr group before the 15th February, you could win a prize, details on here
Back soon, have a lovely weekend x

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