Friday, 18 February 2011


HI, Its a good thing that I only have to type this, as I can barely speak this morning!!, this is the result of a fabulous evening as the speaker at Stamford & Rutland Embroiderers Guild.  I presented my talk Carpe Diem - Seize the day.  This is where I take along lots of my textile items & talk about them, their techniques & answer any questions from the audience as I go along, I pass out to the audience lots of things, embroidery, quilts etc, so they can get a feel & a good look.
I really enjoyed the evening & a big thank you to Carolyn for coming with me & being gofer.  The journey home was not at all pleasant as the weather decided to go very foggy on us, we ended up on the A1 where visibility was appalling so we crawled home & I am so glad Carolyn was with me to chat to & keep me awake.  I love to talk!!  I hope I can this morning as I have a workshop to teach!
Thanks ladies & hope to see you again & welcome to my blog & workshops x

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  1. l know l am rather late in reading this but l am catching up on unread bits of blogs l have missed in the past. Quick you live in or around Stanford/Rutland area? Why? Well l spent quite a bit of my youth around there, living on RAF Wittering and my son and his wife now live in Exton, having moved up from London last year. next time l; am up there do you fancy meeting for a coffee? Will understand if you are unsure. lyndax


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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