Monday, 14 February 2011


Happy Valentines Day
I have posted more details on TANTALISING TECHNIQUES over on the blog HERE

Sign up by 15th March 2011 & receive SILKEN TREASURES ...FREE..

Tomorrow is the last day of my GUEST ARTIST SPOT on 3 creative studios.  I have enjoyed providing information on TRANSFER PRINTING & am still experimenting with the supplies from COLOURCRAFT

For some unfathomable reason I decided that the inks must go into pump bottles.  So spent over 10 english pounds on 8 - 60ml ittle bottles from Superdrug.  Usually I use old water bottles.  I could have had dozens of water bottles for that amount of money grrr, what having a wally head(or obsession hmmm) does to you.

The bottles are still sitting in the bag, except for 3, guess what colours jumped out first?

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