Sunday, 2 January 2011


I have been tracking my daughters flight, it was facinating to see the route that the plane took & what height it flew at.  Safely landed now it runs about 10 mins behind but is still amazing.
These images are what my clever phone has done.  I played around with it to see what it would do & discovered these 2 functions.  The first picture is a mirror image & the second reverse the colours.  They look fabulous printed out on the POGO.  Good job that I got 80 sheets of paper for Christmas.

ROSEY ROSEY half price offer only open until 8th  January 2011.  Get your copy now.  I shall be opening my ETSY shop this week hopefully so watch out for that announcement & the other BIG announcement is coming.............


  1. didn't know you could track a flight on line. love the pics. I'm impressed as I can't even upload flickr onto my blog.

  2. I love the images. the top one has my favorite colors. makes me want to create in stead of going to sleep as I should now.


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