Friday, 7 January 2011


Please allow me to wallow in our victory.  24 years ago when England last won the Ashes in Australia was a dreadful time for me, my beloved father had gone to pay the rent & never returned a few days before Christmas.  My wonderful son is cricket mad & he was born in the same year, being only 9 months old when his grandfather whom he is so much alike died.  Last night my son arrived at 12.30am & we watched the triumph all together, it meant so much to me.
Congratulations to our lads, commiserations to Australia, a wonderful country with fab people & terrific cricketers, but we really beat you this time
BARMY ARMY.................. so today after a very few hours sleep, we had to take our car to be fixed.  Bleary eyed, my car would not start, throwing it down with icy sleet my poor husband had to try & jump start my car (to bring him home from the garage) with his car (the one to be fixed), jump leads not long enough - pouring sleet, yawn, eventually we (I mean he) got it started & we set of in terrible weather down a dual carriageway, My little MGF was buffeted about by huge juggernauts,,,,I was not feeling quite so chipper about 4 nights of hardly any sleep then I can tell you.  But we had a wonderful morning with our fantastic friends before fish & chips for lunch, a dash to the station with my DD.  What a strange day
I want to welcome any new visitors from The Quilt Show to my blog, its an eclectic mix of textiles.  The Smashee series of tutorial workshops is still open & we are all having huge fun forming our TRIBE
I am not on the right computer for textile images so please check back soon for more on the new fabric that I have been sent by a fabulous lady from America & update on when the ACCUQUILT GO arrives
Think I need to go to sleep now!!

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