Sunday, 30 January 2011


 I am experimenting with the new Colourcraft Transfer PAINTS
They seem to dry very much quicker than the Deka & they also seem a little thicker
There are 12 Colours & the image above shows all the colours.  You can mix the colours as well, although as they dont appear the same when on the paper as the colour they transfer to, it is a little hit & miss as to the final colour you get.  Thats not a problem with the paints, it is experience to know how much of each colour to mix.
So I am going to use them directly from the pot, for this series of mini workshops
 Here I have folded an A4 sheet of paper in half across the width & painted on a thick purple, then painted a few purple 'sploges' then I tipped a little of various colours, both yellows, orange, red & black
 I folded the paper in half & rubbed the back of it with my hand, spreading out the colour & this is the 'butterfly' result
 Oh I forgot to say that the little postage stamps were stamped out of the coloured carrier paper with a punch, then attached to the paper with Pritt Stick glue, the stalks were painted in with Black Transfer crayon, as I didnt want to wait for the paint to dry again, becuase I want to go to bed!!
 This is the result of the transfer onto Pale cream heavy weight Polyester Satin.
This fabric can be bought very cheaply all over the world, I googled (funny word) white polyester satin & lots of places came up.
You could use the lining from clothes type polyester, as long as it is a light colour
Here is a close up of the beautiful result

I have done some work with the TRANSFIXas promised, but am scooting off to bed now, hopefully I will get time tomorrow to post the Transfix results

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