Friday, 10 December 2010

Whilst thinking about using colour for workshops I researched back through my photographs & these are so lovely that I thought a bit of August might cheer up some of you, some have appeared before but this funky collage would make a great download onto an Inkaid piece of fabric. I have ordered a pile of pretreated fabrics from as they have free postage at the moment, also a can of fixative to replace the one that I left at someones house a while ago & cant be retrieved!!!

This is a great acrylic spray, I have used it as a sealant on fabric, paintings & wood for years.  I used to use it in the days before pre-treated fabric for inkjet printing, it smells a bit so I wear a mask.  Works like Acrylic mediums except in spray form.  Put the work into a cardboard box, outside is preferable & then spray away

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