Thursday, 23 December 2010


Oh dear, I did crow about the snow didnt I?  Now we have it as well. :-( this probably means that our relatives might not be able to come for Christmas.
Here is our 'tramp' cat who lives in the box next to the back door.  Well she is not our cat, she lives next door, she has a huge sun-lounge all to herself & an enormous cat flap to get in & out of & she sleeps in the cardboard box!!!!  She has found the only place on the patio that the snow has thawed, clever cat!  She is getting really mucky living in the box, we have some cat wipes but it is too cold to use them as she wont stay in our house very long, in fact when she sees me she darts off.  We leave the kitchen door slightly ajar as she mieows & paws at it in a very distressed way, we are paying to heat up the garden!!!
But isnt she lovely, look at her lovely little face & the way her tail curls over her paws
Gosh I must wrap up presents & get off of here!!!!

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