Sunday, 21 November 2010


Hi, I have changed the look of the blog to reflect the rotten weather in England at the moment.  Do you like the new look? or should I go back to the pink background? hmmmmm any comments would be welcome.
I am exploring the delights of INKAID at the moment.  My C & G classes this week are also going to experiment with it.  I bought my bottles from in the early summer, then totally forgot about them.  I also bought Mixed Meida: new studio techniques from Isabel Hall & Maggie Grey (see link on my side bar) in the summer & didnt even read it.  There is a section on using Inkaid.  The image above is a LINE exercise that my classes do & this is one of my pieces, I love the colours so am using this one to trial out the printing.  I hve had stunning results so far.  Printing onto black patterned cotton was really suprising.
All I need to do is to stitch some of the paper & fabric pieces but its Strictly results show now so off to watch lalalala - a whole weekend with no face ache & a bit of a brain .....whoo hoo!!!


  1. smashing day glo colours!
    Love the rain drops effect, much prettier than whats outside my wiondow at the mo..and am so cold!!!!

  2. I like the light prinht on black. It is easier to read and more sophisticated. What is INKAID and what does it do?


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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