Monday, 1 November 2010


Grey old day here in England, so thought I would tell you the tale of Missy & the pork chop.  We had a family meal last night & my fab son told me this tale.
Missy has now been spayed this happened on friday, now at least she wont be attacked again.  My son thinks he knows the cat & has been 'evil eyeing' him all week!!!
On Saturday he went to the butchers (son not tom cat) & bought huge pork chops & being a bit of  a budding chef (I blame Jamie Oliver for the rise of men in the kitchen, would drive me bonkers!!) He Missy checked, not around, shut the door(he thought), good lay out the chops & prepare the sauce ,turn around for a second to get something of the shelf & whoosh she was up & grabbed a raw HUGE pork chop & she was OFF, into the living room, chased by my 6 foot 6 inch fire fighter son.  Under the settees she did go, raw pork chop in mouth, round & round the living room splattering pork chop everywhere, up the stairs stopping to taunt him every so often and wiping the chop on the wall, the carpet.  Then into the bedroom & under the bed, right at the back.  He moved the bed a bit, she crawled back, a bit more, she moved a bit.  Then finally her caught her & the chop.  By this time we were all hysterical, he is such a good story teller.  I am still laughing now & even more when.  The chop went in the bin.  Dinner was abandoned & he spent most of the evening cleaning up the raw chop from around the house.  Hee hee, I must remember when she comes again to make sure that the door is shut!!!!!!
Off to do some stitching - making a Mariners Compass block today & if all goes well :-) Making a small quilt using up my Moda Pure fabrics that just jumped into my hand at Poppy Patch last week.  Hmmmm shall I buy an Accuquilt Go - would you be interested in pre-cut fabric & original patterns?


  1. Hi Shelagh,
    That raised my spirits and made me laugh from my sick bed. I have a red point siamese that used to belong to my daughter. Her husband was a chef so he loved cooking especially the Sunday roast. Well to cut a long story short, the very reason why we now have the cat is that when he was just a tiny kitten he made off into the garden with the whole chicken before it was cooked. He can smell chicken a mile off. You take the cold chicken out of the fridge and suddenly the cap flap opens and there he is!

    He went missing for 6 weeks last year and we thought we would never see him again. We advertised on the internet and we finally got him back but I just wondered how many chickens had gone missing out of peoples kitchens on the way where he was found 12 miles away. They are definitely survivors, I give you that! Glad I am not the only one with a crazy cat! Best Wishes Tricia


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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