Tuesday, 26 October 2010


What a fab lot of people you are, thank you for your good thoughts for the poor little Missy, she is improving daily.  I am also a lot better, seems I need a huge amount of sleep to function a bit normal!!!!  Its half term here now so have a bit of a break, lots of ideas on the stew.
Check out Clothpaperscissors for a short encaustic workshop using beeswax, could substitute soy wax instead or even use a melted candle.  Shall have to get some images up of stitching if blogger will let me do more than 1.  Can anyone help how to get over this?
2 more followers needed to the grand give-a-away........


  1. I found that by bringing up two or more pics then and only then posting them ALL at once, into blog, could I post more than one pic...........all very odd. Chap called Ypboy on blogger help suggested it, not me being clever!
    Think its cyber terrorism at work!

  2. Just joined so hopefully you need only one more.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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