Deli & Gelli

Pearl ex pigments (mica powder, lots of other makes)
Remember all those Markal (Shiva) sticks you bought, here is an ivory black one
Koor-i-noor WATER based paints
Bubbles stencil
Home made stencil (not shown)
Mica sprays from (not shown)

Oh yes you can use water based media with my Deli paper!!

To start... this is a plain sheet of Deli, sprayed with mica sprays through the bubbles stencil
Blotted with another piece
The spray bubbles up and sits on the top, it will eventually dry but I am impatient so I botted it off onto a piece from Deli first steps and left that to dry
I folded over the paper to get positive and negative image

 This is the other side, nice effects

Markal paintsticks (SHiva) are oil paint in a stick, oil paint sticks beautifully to Deli
So below I have placed the square bubbles stencil UNDER the deli and dragged the markal over the top lightly

 Terrific effect
 Here is a close up of another piece
 Yet another piece over a flower stencil, I am leaving these to cure for a couple of days

 This is the plain piece from the start of this mini tutorial.  I have rubbed over a stamp that I made from carpet & sealed with acrylic paint, the pile on the carpet congeals a makes fab texture
I rubbed with water soluble crayon

This is the piece above painted with Koor-i-noor, which is water paint with a high pigment.  Remember that the water will bubble up and sit on the top, ah ha, if you dip your brush into mica powder, it will stick the paint to the Deli.  NOt seen that anywhere on the web eh!!!  The image above is the reverse of the deli
The image below is the front
The paper is creased because I dried it with a hair dryer.  I could now iron it flat but I dont want a smooth piece

I could now add these back to the Gelli plate..... and then there is stitch...

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